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Best Bluewater Sailboats: Top 10

best bluewater sailboats

Live your “Around the world in 80 days” dream with the best bluewater sailboats. Below, we’ve listed a few notable sailboats which, in our opinion, fit the bill perfectly.

Best Bluewater Sailboats

Bluewater Sailboats were made for travelling on water for extended periods of time. So if you’re planning to go sailing for a longer duration, make sure your boat is equipped for the long haul. In particular, it should be able to handle multiple weather conditions and rough seas.

Choosing a sailboat that satisfies all of the above is never easy. For this reason, we’ve curated a list of the best bluewater sailboats that excel in safety, speed, sea kindliness, storage and tank capacity, and lastly, affordability. A few of them can be found below and if you want to know more, continue reading.

1. Southerly 38

best bluewater sailboats
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Firstly, take to the seas with the Southerly 38 and you won’t have a problem with long distance sailing. At almost 40 feet, this sailboat is easy to steer even when faced with strong gusts of wind. What sets this apart from other sailboats is its swing keel, which gives it the ability to enter shallow waters and even park in the mud.

2. Rustler 42

rustler 42
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Secondly, be prepared to take on the challenges of rough seas with the Rustler 42. This sailboat is fast and stable at sea, no matter the weather condition. It’s also more spacious, and thus, more comfortable for long term occupancy. At 42 feet, the Rustler 42 is a sight to behold. It has the look and feel of a classic yacht all while it is equipped with modern elements to make it more sea-kindly.

3. Oyster 565

best bluewater sailboats
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Thirdly, circumnavigation has never been easier with the Oyster 565. In fact, you can operate this sailboat entirely without the help of a professional crew. In addition, the Oyster 565 places safety, comfort, and style at the center of its design. It has several layouts and configurations you can choose from, depending on your preference. While it is a newer release, it comes from a reputable company so you can expect great things from that is dubbed as a “pocket superyacht.”

4. Tartan 3700

Tartan 3700
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Fourthly, reach your destination safely with the Tartan 3700. This is a beloved sailboat that has stood the test of time. Lest we forget, Cruising World awarded this boat Best Midsize Cruiser while Sail Magazine ranked it in the top 10 sailboats back in 2010. And they did this for good reason. Specifically, the Tartan 3700 is known for its speed, comfort, style, and ability to sail almost everywhere.   

5. Jeanneau Sun Odyssey 54DS

best bluewater sailboats
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Following the Tartan 3700, explore the waters of the world in style with the Jeanneau Sun Odyssey 54DS. This elegant sailboat is nimble for its size. It’s also quite comfortable, owing to its smart design and quality build which incorporates ample storage on board as well as multiple interior layouts.

Moreover, if you want to spend majority of your time basking under the heat of the sun, it has a comfortable deck and cockpit space. Truly, the customizability of this sailboat’s features gives it a special place in many cruisers’ hearts.

6. Outbound 44

Outbound 44
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Additionally, you can sail across the ocean with the Outbound 44. As offshore liveable cruisers go, this one has an established reputation. With safety features focused on impact resistance, this sailboat can handle various weather and water conditions. Besides the comfort offered by its interiors, the Outbound 44 also shines with its affordability. Consequently, this sailboat is worth looking into if you plan to take a long voyage at sea.

7. Westsail 32

best bluewater sailboats
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Alternatively, the price is right with the Westsail 32, a vessel that is not only famous for its performance, but also for bringing cruising into the mainstream. While it’s not the fastest bluewater sailboat, it will get you to your destination safely and comfortably. As a matter of fact, throughout history, many people have used a Westsail 32 to travel around the world by sea. In truth, this sailboat sacrifices nimbleness for a strong and heavy build, as well as huge interior volume.

8. Valiant 32

Valiant 32
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Any aspiring bluewater cruiser will appreciate the Valiant 32. For this reason, we also consider it as one of the best bluewater sailboats. It’s a popular sailboat for many reasons, but primarily for being the mini version of the Valiant 40 – a time tested off shore sailboat which is has also earned a place at the American Sailboat Hall of Fame. Valiants are known as tough sailboats, with a nimbleness you wouldn’t expect from such a traditional looking boat. Moreover, it’s easy to handle and comfortable to cruise with.

9. Hylas 54

hylas 54
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One thing you shouldn’t do is put into question the seaworthiness of the Hylas 54. This sailboat is a common sight in the Carribean. It’s perfect for couple who dream of taking long boating trips. In fact, it was designed to be the perfect cruising sailboat to live aboard in. Moreover, the Hylas 54 can withstand a variety of sailing conditions.

10. Island Packet 420

best bluewater sailboats
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Lastly, the Island Packet 420. This sailboat is distinctive in its design and has a cult following. Similar to the Westsail 32, the Island Packet 420 is not the fastest sailboat around. Nevertheless, it will get you to your destination safely and comfortably. In truth, it was designed specifically with safety and ease of handling in mind. All things considered, the Island Packet 420 is perfect for a couple or a family wanting to explore the world.

Summary of the Best Bluewater Sailboats

All in all, a good bluewater sailboat should take you to your destination safely in comfort and a reasonable amount of time. Aside from satisfying your budget requirements, it should also have ample storage and tank capacity.

In summary, the 10 models we mentioned above are capable of being your trusty partner for longer passages at sea. They are the best bluewater sailboats in the market today. Because each one has qualities sought after even by experienced bluewater sailors, you should definitely look into them. Whether you use them as a guide or opt to look for the exact boat is up to you.

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