Best Houseboat Vacation: Destination Ideas

best houseboat vacation

If you’re planning to have the best houseboat vacation, we’re here to help you. Below, we’ve listed some of the best destinations and houseboat rental places you can find in the country. The list consists of different marinas and resorts across the country that will help you experience the best houseboat vacation.

Best Houseboat Vacation

Imagine having the best houseboat vacation in your life. With friends and family, you’ll enjoy cruising through coastal waters with all the comforts of a home.

1. Lake Powell Hotel and Marina

lake powell
image by lakepowell.com

Located between Arizona and Utah, Lake Powell Hotel and Marina is near the Grand Canyon. It offers a variety of houseboat rentals (a total of 12 units) with rental prices ranging from $1,399 to $4,399 for 4-5 days. For instance, you may rent a 46-feet Expedition that sleeps 6 people or even a 75-feet Excursion that can accommodate up to 14 people. In addition to its regular houseboats, it also offers the Axiom Star Lake Yacht, a luxurious boat with amenities similar to high-end hotels.

All in all, you can choose from four economy houseboats which have complete amenities; three deluxe houseboats with two bathrooms; and five luxury houseboats with four bathrooms and a hot tub.  Moreover, each model has a fully equipped kitchen with a full-sized refrigerator and oven. These rentals will let you enjoy other water activities like jet skiing. You’ll also be free to experience land activities around Lake Powell.  

2. Robinhood Marine Center

best houseboat vacation
image by robinhoodmarinecenter.com

Secondly, the houseboats in Robinhood Marine Center are also worth looking into. They have many hotel amenities such as a microwave, television, and DVD player. Every unit has two kayaks so you can enjoy water activities. You can also enjoy their library as well as live performers on the docks if you ever get bored of cruising on the waters.

This place offers three houseboat rentals, namely: The Nancy Lou, The Charles Andrew, and The Tessie Ann. All of these can accommodate at most five people and have complete amenities with dock crew that are available seven days a week for your needs.

The Nancy Lou offers a roof top deck where you can enjoy the a picturesque view of your surroundings. Expect to sleep comfortably with a private bedroom that has a queen-sized bed. You can also watch your favorite series or movie with the 19” television on board. Just remember to bring your own DVD copy because it does not have cable.

Alternatively, the Charles Andrew and The Tessie Ann both offer an airy interior, a bedroom with a queen-sized bed, and extra linens and beddings for your other guests. Both houseboats also have a 5.5 cubic ft. refrigerator, an 18’ day sailer called The Typhoon, two kayaks, and a 19” television with a DVD player.

3. Shasta Marina at Packers Bay

shasta marina at packers bay
image by shastalake.net

Located beside Lake Shasta, the Shasta Marina at Packers Bay also offers a variety of houseboat rentals. The houseboat is complete with amenities that you might need for your vacation. It includes a television and air conditioning unit which is great during summer.

This vacation spot offers a total of five houseboat rentals, namely: Sumerset, Thoroughbred, Constellation, Mirage I, and Mirage II. What sets their houseboats apart from others is the marginally larger onboard capacity. These houseboats can sleep from 16-20 people and can accommodate until 22 people. Apart from their houseboat rentals, they also offer ski boat, jet ski, and kayak rentals.

4. Finger Lakes Water Adventures

best houseboat vacation
image by fingerlakeswateradventures.com

Next, the Finger Lakes Water Adventures has its very own houseboat with a total of four bedrooms and two baths. The houseboat is 15 feet by 67 feet with complete facilities such as heated and airconditioned bedrooms and bathrooms. There is also a full kitchen with refrigerator and oven. Other amenities include a bar, a grill, a television set, and a washer and dryer. There is also a slide from the hot tub. You could stay on the docks, or spend the week sailing to Lyons and some winery.

Apart from their typical houseboat, they also offer a rental for a wedding cruise, canal tour, and a party cruise that is perfect for your every event need. Fishing pontoon boats, kayaks, and water skis are also available for a more fun water adventure during your stay in the resort.

5. Voyagaire Lodge and Houseboats

voyagaire lodge and houseboats
image by voyagaire.com

The Voyagaire Lodge and Houseboats offer the 900-square-foot Voyagaire. You can enjoy the view of the wilderness from your private boat in Crane Lake. You can even see bear sightings in this place! Isn’t that exciting?

If fishing is something that you want to do, you can also do so in the lake while on your private vessel. Walleye and bass are the usual catch in this lake. On the other hand, if you are just planning on staying in, you can use the hot tub and enjoy the entertainment unit on board. There is also a delivery boat that you can avail if you forgot to bring your things from the shore.

It offers five houseboat rentals namely: Voyagaire, Sunseekers, Sportscruisers, Northstar, and Suncruisers that accommodates 2-12 people and ranges from $355 to $1,210 daily, $1,585 to $5,815 weekly. With affordable prices, all these units have a large space to comfortably live in and includes large refrigerator and oven.

Final Word on the Best Houseboat Vacation

Take a break from all the stress by going on the best houseboat vacation you could possibly go on. As can be seen above, there are different houseboat vacation rentals that the country has to offer. The above mentioned places are just some of your options, considering rental prices and range of amenities offered. We’re sure you can find some more that will suit your needs.

Now that you have discovered some of these houseboat vacation rentals, are you ready to have the marina adventure of a lifetime with your family and friends? Try to check out one of our recommendations and tell us how it goes.

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