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Best RV Bike Rack: Buyer’s Guide 2020

best RV bike rackbest RV bike rack

Get your hands on the best RV bike rack so you can maximize your camping experience. Whether you prefer to pedal leisurely through an RV park or get the adrenaline pumping on a bike trail, having a bike rack on your RV is a great idea.

We know there are several options to choose from and it can be a headache trying to make a decision. Luckily, we’ve put together this article to help you out.

Best RV bike rack

If you love camping and cycling, RV bike racks are a smart investment. Apart from being a neat storage solution, they will keep your bicycles in mint condition while you’re on the road. For instance, if you have more than one bike, they aren’t jostled around, bumping against one another. Below, we present 10 of the best RV bike racks available in the market. Check them out!

1. Swagman Traveler XC2

Firstly, you should check out the Swagman Traveler XC2 RV Bike Rack. This bicycle carrier offers the most value for money in terms of its functions and built. It’s compatible with a wide range of mobile homes, be it travel trailers, campers, or RVs.

The Swagman Traveler XC2 is lightweight but durable. It can carry at most two bicycles weighing a maximum of 35 pounds each. Following these restrictions, you can rest assured your bicycles will be stable, safe, and secure despite a bumpy road.

Despite assembly and installation posing a slight challenge to many previous buyers, this particular bike carrier still has an average rating of 4.4 stars on Amazon. Thus, you can expect it to perform according ot your expectations.

2. Camco RV Ladder Mount

Secondly, we recommend the Camco RV Ladder Mount Bike Rack. This bike mount can hold up to two bikes, with a combined maximum weight of 60 pounds. Unlike our previous recommendation, this is easier to install.

This bike carrier fits securely on various RV ladders. Other features include soft grip handles with locking pins to keep it in place, as well as form fit cradles for your bikes. If you want added security, you’ll be glad to know it comes with additional straps. Moreover, it has the added convenience of being folded up for easy storage.

Although it’s plagued with durability concerns, Amazon reviews of the Camco RV Ladder Mount will tell you that majority of its previous buyers are satisfied with its performance. In fact, it has an average rating of 4.2 stars.

3. Swagman RV Approved 4 Hitch Rack

Thirdly, the Swagman RV Approved 4 Hitch Bike Rack. This is the best RV bike rack for big families because it can hold up to 4 bikes. Additionally, it’s easy to assemble and install.

The 4 hitch rack from Swagman has soft kraton cushions for added protection and gripping power. It also has a flexible top plate making it compatible with different top tube sizes. What’s more, this bike rack built to handle more weight. Specifically, it can accommodate bikes of up to 35 pounds.

Rated an average of 4 out of 5 stars on Amazon, this bike carrier is highly reliable. You can expect it to keep your bikes in place, no matter where you go.

4. Surco Ladder Mounted Rack

Another great bike rack for RVs is the Surco Ladder Mounted Bike Rack, which can be mounted onto an RV’s ladder. This aluminum bike carrier is affordable and lightweight, but also heavy duty. If you’re worried about its longevity, know that its won’t rust easily.

Regarding installation, this bike carrier has a simple and straight to the point design. You could easily attach it onto your RV ladder without outside assistance. Moreover, it has pivoting arms so you don’t have to remove it to gain access to your ladder.

That being said, the Surco ladder mounted bike rack can only handle up to 60 pounds. Because of this, it has an average rating of 3.4 stars. Other than the loading capacity, previous buyers don’t see an issue with this product.

5. Swagman RV Approved 2-Bike Bumper Rack

Alternatively, you could also take a look at the Swagman RV Approved 2-Bike Bumper Rack – a winner when it comes to ease of use and installation. Attached to a camper or trailer’s bumper, this rack can accommodate up to two bicycles. Each bicycle can weigh up to 30 pounds.

This bike carrier works best with square RV bumpers. Installation is simple and easy as you only need to attach long bolts around the bumper. In terms of durability, the 2-bike bumper rack from Swagman is made of heavy duty steel which has a powder coating to guard against corrosion.

As with our previous recommendation, the complaints for this bike carrier have to do with its loading capacity. Other than that, we think its 4.3-star average rating can speak for itself.

6. Stromberg Carlson Bike Bunk

Next, you shouldn’t overlook the Stromberg Carlson Bike Bunk. Technically, this isn’t a bike rack. However, it does let you attach any hitch rack mount in front of your RV. For instance, bike racks that weren’t rated for RV use can become usable.

The reason we included this bike bunk on the list is because it’s the top choice for A frame trailers. Moreover, it has a quality build that can handle up to four bikes.

With an average rating of 4.2 stars, we’d say previous buyers are pretty satisfied with their purchase. Despite a slightly difficult installation process, it’s still worth checking out.

7. Stromberg Carlson Platform Mount

Also worth mentioning is the Stromberg Carlson Platform Mount, which can carry up to four bicycles. This 4-bike platform is a great choice for big families who plan on cycling together.

Assembly and installation might be confusing at first, but it’s nothing you can’t figure out. Alternatively, you could always ask for outside help. This platform mount will keep your bikes safe and secure so it’s well worth the trouble.

Although it’s a little on the expensive side, you’ll be paying for the quality of build. The Stromberg Carlson Platform Mount is durable and can weather different conditions. Even if you expose it often to the elements, the rubber and seals won’t get damaged.

8. Let’s Go Aero Jack-It Double Bike Carrier System

Another contender for the title of best RV bike rack is the Let’s Go Aero Jack-It Double Bike Carrier System. Firstly, it has a unique design that will certainly make you stand out from the rest.

Installation-wise, you will need to attach it onto your mobile home’s A frame. As opposed to other carriers, which secure bikes through their body, this carrier system will secure your bicycles through their two wheels. This reduces the chance damage from bumping against each other.

What’s more, this bike rack has a higher loading capacity (80 pounds) and adjustable wheel cradles. Like most of our recommendations so far, the Let’s Go Aero Jack-It Double Bike Carrier System has also been coated to prevent corrosion. For all of its features, it has an average rating of 4.1 stars.

9. Allen Sports Premier Locking Quick Release 5-Bike Carrier

The Allen Sports Premier Locking Quick Release 5-Bike Carrier is also worth checking out. This particular bike rack is also on the expensive side. However, if you’re looking for a durable carrier capable of transporting 5 bikes, then you might want to invest on it.

There are several Allen Sports bike carriers you could choose from. This particular one has premier locking quick release features. Moreover, it has a padded spine shield that adds protection to your bikes so you have peace on mind while you’re on the road.

In terms of assembly, this 5-bike carrier has simple instructions. In fact, you only need three bolts to finish setting it up. If you’re wandering about its track record, know that it has an average rating of 4.3 stars on Amazon.

10. Swagman RV Approved Around the Spare Deluxe Rack

Lastly, we have to mention the Swagman RV Approved Around the Spare Deluxe Bike Rack. Known for its durability, it would be a crime not to include this on a best RV bike rack list.

This bike can carry up to two bikes. It can be installed around your spare tire or bumper. Design wise, Swagman equipped it with anti-sway cradles to prevent bike to bike contact.

It might have a lower weight capacity (30 pounds per bike), but you can depend on it to weather tough conditions. Previous buyers certainly agree with the sentiment, giving this product an average rating of 4 stars.

Which is the best RV bike rack?

If you plan on taking an RV trip, don’t discount bringing a bike. There’s nothing quite like breathing in fresh air as you pedal around and take in your surroundings.

Wherever you plan to go, cycling is a great way to enjoy the scenery. Incorporating this activity into your itinerary isn’t that hard. However, ensuring you choose the best bike rack for your RV is an important matter. Make sure you select a bike rack that can cater to the number of bicycles you will be bringing. You should also check its compatibility with your mobile home. Lastly, balance these factors out with your budget.

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