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Best RV Refrigerator: A Buyer’s Guide

best RV refrigeratorbest RV refrigerator

If you’re looking for the best RV refrigerator, you’ve come to the right place. We’ve looked through several of the RV refrigerators available in the market to determine which has the highest ratings among the RV community. Want to know more? Continue reading.

Best RV Refrigerator

Certainly, if you’re aiming to create a great camping experience with your friends and family, bringing food and beverages is part of it. Apart from saving you some money, this will also make sure you get to bring everyone’s favorite. To ensure they don’t get spoiled, you need a reliable refrigerator.

Below, we’ve listed our picks for the best refrigerators for your RVs. Check them out!

1. Kuppet Retro Mini Refrigerator

Firstly, we recommend the KUPPET Retro Mini Refrigerator, which boasts a unique yet classic design. If you’re going for a 1950s vibe in your RV, you’ll definitely be drawn to this product. Aside from its interesting appearance, this refrigerator has a low noise setting perfect for a peaceful camping experience. Fully stocked, this refrigerator is capable of providing sustenance a few days with your RV.

For less than $250, you will get a mini refrigerator sized 19.1 inches wide, 21.9 inches deep, and 33.5 inches high. Its temperature ranges between 32°F and 50°F. If you want to adjust the temperature, you can do so easily with the thermostat knob in the unit. Also, a LED light sets off whenever you open the refrigerator door for easy locating of the items inside.

Based on the reviews of previews buyers, this particular refrigerator is not only useful, but also stylish. Because of its size and low noise setting, it does not disrupt their personal space. Additionally, its low noise setting (estimated up to 40 decibels) was one of the biggest reasons it earned an average rating of 4.2 out of 5 stars.

2. Tavata Compact Refrigerator

Secondly, the Tavata Compact Refrigerator has an energy saving feature approved by Energy Technology List (ETL). The temperature range of this refrigerator is 32°F to 50°F while the top freezer is constantly in 3°F. It has a 0.96 cubic feet freezer and a 2.34 cubic feet refrigerator area.

In terms of its features, this refrigerator measures 20 inches wide, 19 inches deep, and 33.4 inches high. It has a double door – one for the freezer and one for the fridge. The unit is priced a little over $200. Upon purchase and you find any issue, you are allowed to ask for a replacement within 30 days. You also get a 1-year warranty.

The compact refrigerator has an average rating of 4.6 out of 5 stars on Amazon. According to previous buyers, the unit’s looks are deceiving. Although outward appearance would suggest it’s small, it actually has a large capacity for your food and drinks. Moreover, the product is a space saver because it just fits spaces under the sink or in basements. It has also a great customer service unlike the others.

3. Whynter Quart Slimfit Portable Refrigerator

Our third recommendation is the Whynter Quart Slimfit Portable Refrigerator, which has a single door that can function as a refrigerator or a freezer. The unit can cool up to -8°F for the freezer setting but the temperature can range from -8°F to 50°F. Moreover, its 45-liter capacity can fit up to 78 cans weighing up to 12 FL oz. Additionally, if your RV parks on an uneven campground, it will still function even when tilted up to 30°. You can get it for less than $500.

Alternatively, if you have a smaller RV, you can check out a smaller portable version which can hold up to 30 liters (48 cans) which costs a little over $400.

4. Linsion Portable RV Refrigerator

The Linsion Portable RV Refrigerator is an 18-liter refrigerator with temperature ranging from -13°F to 68°F. Because of its size, you can bring it anywhere without worrying about spoiling your food inside with its three-battery protection: high (H1), medium (H2), and low (H3). This product also offers a one-year warranty that includes replacement, exchange, and return of parts.

What’s great about this, you ask? Basically, its value for price. For less than $200, this portable freezer is very handy and easy to use. Previous buyers even claim that it is worth every penny.

5. ARB Portable Fridge Freezer

This ARB Portable Fridge Freezer will keep your food fresh even when your RV is turned off. Consequently, it’s perfect for campgrounds that do not have electric hookups. Its temperature ranges from 0°F to 50°F. Size-wise, it measures 13.27 inches deep, 11.22 inches wide, and 15.79 inches high. It can store up to 72 cans and two bottles of drinks (up to 47 liters). Furthermore, it also comes in other sizes such as 35 liters, 60 liters, and 78 liters, depending on your preference.

According to previous buyers, the cooler really avoids discharging of your RV batteries even if you leave it for days. Although this product is a bit pricy at almost $900, it’s considered a great investment. It’s efficient and useful especially if you’re planning on bringing fresh food.

6. Cooluli Concord Mini Fridge

The Cooluli Mini Fridge has sleek design perfect for your RV. What’s great about this is its multifunctional capabilities. You can use it as either a cooler or a warmer for your food, drinks, and/or medications. This portable refrigerator only weighs 13 pounds and measures 11.25 inches wide, 13.75 inches deep, and 16.25 inches tall. At less that $150, this is definitely worth checking out. That it also comes with a 1 year warranty is a bonus.

The digital temperature setting for this unit is one of the reasons it has an average rating of 4.3 out of 5 stars on Amazon. Previous buyers find it highly convenient and easy to use especially during long camping trips.

7. Danby Designer Compact Refrigerator

If you’re on the hunt for a refrigerator that can fit a small RV yet has a large internal storage, then the Danby Designer Compact Refrigerator might be what you’re looking for. Depending on your RV’s interior aesthetics, you can choose from three colors: black, white, or silver.

This fridge has a 126-liter capacity and is very helpful for cooling snacks and drinks. Moreover, it has an 18-month warranty for parts and consultations for repairs. What’s more, it costs less than $200. According to previous buyers, this unit is easy to defrost. Surprisingly, it’s also capable of holding a lot of items.

8. Midea Double Door Mini Fridge with Freezer

Eighth on our list is the Midea Double Door Mini Fridge with Freezer. It has a 0.9 cubic feet freezer and a 2.2 cubic feet fridge compartment. The unit costs less than $200 and comes with a 1-year warranty.

Features-wise, its less than 45-decibels noise level is one of its selling points. It’s so quiet that a previous buyer reported an instance where they had to double check if the unit was turned on because it did not make a sound.

Additionally, it has adjustable legs and a reversible door that can open from either left or right. Its voltage is 115 volts/60 Hz. Its large capacity of 32 inches wide and 50 inches high makes it a perfect fit for your RV. With an average rating of 4.1 stars out of 5 on Amazon, this double door fridge is worth checking out.

9. Costway Car Travel Freezer

For your camping trips with barbecue and beer, this Costway Car Travel Freezer is for you! With an 80-liter capacity, you will have enough fresh food and cold drinks for days. Adding to its great features are the built-in metal handles on the side and controllable temperature zones. For example, you can set either of the zones as freezer or as a fridge.

Additionally, if you’re looking for a quiet fridge, this unit only has a 45-decibel noise level. This travel freezer’s temperature ranges from -0.4°F to 50°F. It has a digital temperature adjustment that allows you to easily set a minimum and maximum mode for energy saving and fast cooling.

All in all, the Costway Car Travel Freezer is definitely useful for a large family camping trip. It even has an average rating of 4 out of 5 stars on Amazon. According to its users, turning it into a freezer when needed is one of its very useful features.

10. Amana Chiller Refrigerator

The Amana Chiller Refrigerator is 2.7 cubic feet. It has a mechanical adjustable thermostat for your temperature preference. Moreover, it has a storage area in the ref door so you have a dedicated space for your canned drinks and beverages.

With an average rating of 4.2 out of 5 stars on Amazon, this fridge gives great value for price. It has a separate area for a freezer and chiller. In this way, you have a separate storage for food, beverages, and fresh produce. Previous buyers also found it quiet and very useful for their trips.

What’s the best RV refrigerator?

Consider one of these best RV refrigerators as an investment for a fun and convenient travel experience. When you plan on cooking out during your camping trips, you might need a storage for food and to keep them fresh. Aside from spending less on eating out and buying from convenience stores, these refrigerators will also give you an extra time to spend with your friends and family cooking and having barbecues. Imagine how fun that would be!

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