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Best RV Water Heater: Ultimate Buyer’s Guide

best RV water heaterbest RV water heater

Every RVer needs to know about the best RV water heater for their mobile home. Luckily, we’re here to give you some options. Ready to know more?

Best RV Water Heater

At the end of a tiring day spent camping, washing off the grime doesn’t have to be a luxury. With the right water heater for your RV, you can get that relaxing experience. Below, we’ve listed 10 of the best RV water heaters you can get on Amazon. Continue reading to know more!

1. Girard 2GWHAM On-Demand (Tankless)

To start, check out the Girard 2GWHAM On-Demand Tankless Water Heater. This water heater is ideal for winter use. It’s user friendly and easy to install. In terms of its capabilities, you can expect a steady flow of hot water in your RV. It’s also energy and space efficient, operating at 12 volts of power at less than 3 amperes.

One of its best qualities is the fact that it doesn’t require special plumbing or gas lines in order to be operational. Moreover, it has a brushless motor that allows it to operate without a sound.

Coming from an established brand, the 2GWHAM On-Demand Tankless Water Heater lives up to its parent company’s reputation. It has an average rating of 4.2 stars on Amazon, with most of the previous buyers lauding its longevity and reliability. That being said, this unit is quite expensive. If you’re on a tight budget, maybe you could go for our other recommendations.

2. Eccotemp L10 2.6 GPM Portable (Tankless)

Next, take a look at the features of the Eccotemp L10 2.6 GPM Portable Tankless Water Heater. This water heater’s appearance is deceiving as it can pack a punch. It’s capable of delivering up to 2.6 gallons per minute of hot water.

If you were to stay at a campsite, this would be a great tool to have. It can heat water from temperatures between 50 to 140 degrees Fahrenheit. No more waiting for your shower water heat. Alternatively, if you prefer to cap off the grid, this water heater will still come through. It has an electronic ignition which can be powered up by 2 D cell batteries.

According to previous buyers, they love how it can provide hot water on demand. Moreover, it is lauded for its longevity. However, take note that there are a few complaints on their customer service. All in all, you can say goodbye to wake up calls in the form of cold showers. With the Eccotemp L10, you’ll always have warm water to slowly ease you into a new day. For this reason, we’d say this 3.5-star rated water heater is worth a try.

3. Marey GA10LP Power 10L 3.1 GPM Propane Gas Water Heater (Tankless)

Another great option is the Marey GA10LP Power 10L 3.1 GPM Propane Gas Tankless Water Heater. This water heater is a great option for people on a budget. Why? Because it can reduce your electricity bill from heating water for up to 60%.

Furthermore, it comes in a small package. Thus, it saves space and doesn’t cramp your style. One of its main selling points is its easy installation process. Another is that electrical connection is not required to make it run. If you’re camped in a place that experiences outages often, this is the heater for you.

For all of these features, the Marey GA10LP propane gas tankless water heater has an average rating of 3.6 stars. Although there are a host of previous buyers who will share their great experience with this unit, there are also a few who were disappointed due to low quality builds.

4. Rinnai RU80EN 8.0 GPM Outdoor Ultra-NOx Condensing Natural Gas Water Heater (Tankless)

Alternatively, the Rinnai RU80EN 8.0 GPM Outdoor Ultra-NOx Condensing Tankless Natural Gas Water Heater is also worth checking out. This energy efficient water heater will make your showers more enjoyable.

It’s a green water heater, meeting the NOx emission standards of California and Texas. In terms of thermal efficiency, it can reach up to 97 percent. Depending on your preference and its compatibility with your mobile home, you can choose between natural gas or propane models.

So how does it hold up in terms of customer reviews? If its average rating of 5 stars has anything to say, it’s that this model is a good choice. It’s consistency and efficiency are constantly lauded by its previous buyers.

5. Camplux 10L Outdoor 2.64 GPM Digital Display Portable Propane Gas (Tankless)

Fifth on our list is the Camplux 10L Outdoor 2.64 GPM Digital Display Portable Propane Gas Tankless Water Heater. This water heater for RV is the best if you’re looking for a portable and user-friendly unit.

We know you’ve heard horror stories about terrible heaters that provided either scalding or freezing temperature water. With the Camplux outdoor water heater, that won’t happen. It has advanced safety features such as a fame failure device, anti-freezing protection, and overheating sensor.

What’s more, this heater is energy efficient. Thus, it will save you some money. In terms of customer rating, previous buyers gave this model an average of 4 stars. They particularly enjoy the excellent customer service.

6. Suburban 5117A (6 Gallon)

Following the Camplux Tankless Water Heater is the Suburban 5117A Water Heaters 6 Gallon. This unit from Camplux made it onto our list because of its high compatibility with many RVs.

Aside from the ability to fit seamlessly into different RV models, the Suburban 5117A also has a pilot ignition that can feed 6 gallons of water. This means you can have long showers, or back to back showers, while still using hot water at different parts of your RV.

This water heater has an average rating of 4.4 stars for its simple, reliable, and efficient characteristics. However, you should know that it has a history of bad customer service, as well as products with minor damages being shipped.

7. Atwood 6 Gallon Gas/Electric GC6AA-10E Water Heater DSI with White Door

Another contender for best water heater is the Atwood 6 Gallon Gas/Electric GC6AA-10E Water Heater DSI with White Door. This unit has a 6 gallon capacity, as well as a direct spark ignition.

This combination gas and electric water heater has made it easier to have hot water on the go. It doesn’t require a lot, needing only an input of 8,800 BTU to function. What sets this apart from other similar units, is its accompanying accessories. The Atwood GC6AA-10E already comes with a white door. No need to purchase it separately.

Previous buyers rave about its easy installation and durability. In fact, several have claimed that their unit lasted more than a decade. With reviews like that and an average rating of 4.7 stars, you surely can’t pass this water heater up.

8. PrecisionTemp RV-550 Tankless Water Heater – Wall Vented

Also part of our recommendations is the PrecisionTemp RV-550 Tankless Water Heater – Wall Vented. We couldn’t neglect this particular unit as it was designed specifically with small living spaces in mind. Specifically, RVs, trailers, or tiny houses.

Why should you consider this water heater for your RV? Well, mainly because it’s both water and energy efficient. It uses less propane and power. Additionally, it’s lightweight compared to other 6-10 gallon heaters.

What’s more, it has other features such as an automatic gas modulation and built-in freeze protection. Previous customers have been satisfied with their purchase, as shown by this unit’s average rating of 4.4 stars.

9. EcoSmart 8 KW Electric Tankless Water Heater, 8 KW at 240 Volts with Patented Self Modulating Technology

After the PrecisionTemp Tankless Water Heater, consider looking into the EcoSmart 8 KW Electric Tankless Water Heater, 8 KW at 240 Volts with Patented Self Modulating Technology. This is the best RV water heater for eco-friendly camping.

Durable and user friendly, it’s not hard to imagine why many people shower this model with praises. Apart from being lightweight, this unit is also efficient and easy to install. Additionally, it has a remote control for temperature as well as a patented self modulating technology so you don’t run out of warm water in the middle of a shower. The best part? It comes with a lifetime warranty.

That being said, the EcoSmart 8 isn’t made for the outdoors. It also isn’t portable despite its size. It has an average rating of 3.7 stars. Check it out now!

10. Stiebel Eltron Tankless Water Heater

Last, but certainly not the least, is the Stiebel Eltron Tankless Water Heater. Choose this unit if you want uninterrupted hot showers. The Stiebel Eltron tankless water heater comes in a variety of kilowatt charges. Depending on your needs, you can choose the best fit.

Among its great features are its patented advanced flow control, compact size, easy installation, and quiet operation. As icing and flower on the cake, this model also has digital displays, pre-set temperature buttons, and savings and water flow monitors.

This 4.5-star rated water heater comes with a 7-year leakage and 3-year parts warranty. Previous buyers believe this unit is worth every penny and wished they invested in it for their camper sooner.

Which is the best Water Heater?

As you can see above, you have many options when it comes to choosing a water heater for your RV. As previous buyers can attest to, you cannot go wrong no matter which product you choose to go with. What’s important is you choose the product most compatible with your needs – RV type, budget, and water capacity.

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