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Casey Jones RV Park Review

Casey Jones RV Park

Casey Jones RV Park is located at 185 SW Arrowhead Terrace in Lake City, Florida. It is just off Interstate 75 at Exit 423 and it makes for a convenient basecamp to explore northern Florida. Although it’s in close proximity to the interstate, the noise level is not bad.

When getting off the exit head south on FL-47 and travel a short distance to County Road 242. On the corner of FL-47 and County Road 242, there is a gas station and convenience store. Here you would make a right. The park is approximately 100 feet on the right side and there is a large sign making it easy to identify the entrance. It should be noted that there are also a few fast food eateries close by including Little Caesars pizza and Subway.

No Noise Concerns

As you enter the Casey Jones RV Park, the section to your right has pull-through sites that are dedicated to short term stays. The perimeter of this section has back-ins that are long term. This park shares its borders with a large equipment rental company, a pre-school, and a hotel. None of these cause any noise concerns.

All sites in this park are full hook-up and some have cable. Most are pull-through with the exception of the sites around the perimeter of the park. All of the roads in the main section of the park are paved with the exception of the short road that goes by the dumpsters. The sites are grass and/or dirt and are fairly level.

WiFi Is Anemic

Since there are not many trees in the park, satellite reception is great. Wifi on the other hand is almost non-existent. At the time of my stay, I had Verizon and the signal for both cell and data were good throughout the park. Others I spoke with that had AT&T also stated they had a good signal for both cell and data.

As you continue down the entrance road, you come up to the office where you check in. It’s on your left side just past the propane filling station. On your right side is a small building with a coded entrance. This houses a very small gym that consists of an old treadmill, an elliptical machine and a table and some chairs.

Pay To Use Showers?

Next to that building is another building that houses the bathrooms/showers and a laundromat. There is a large sitting area for you to hang out in while you are waiting for your clothes to wash and dry. There is also an outside clothesline across from the laundry room as there are no clotheslines allowed on the sites. The bathrooms can be accessed from the outside and are clean. One thing I should mention here is if you are at the park as a monthly guest, you have to pay to use the showers. I found this a little bizarre.

If you are checking in after hours, there are sites directly in front of you with a large sign that says “Late Arrivals Enter Here.” They are full-hook up pull-through sites.

Bagged Ice Sold Cheap

Across from the laundry and gym buildings is the main office. Just before you enter the office to check in there is an ice machine on your left. Bagged ice is sold at a very reasonable price. The office itself is rather large but there are no items for sale. Instead, there is some tables and chairs, a TV, and one long table that contains mail and packages that get delivered for campers. This is where you would pick up your packages and mail.

After checking in you are escorted to your site. The park is broken down into two sections. The first or main section is set up with neatly placed vertical and horizontal rows. The owner’s house is to the far right. The owners have some kind of fowl that frequently roam through the park, usually in a pack, so don’t be surprised if you look out your RV window one day and see them parading through your site. I found them to be entertaining and harmless.

Rally Use Only

As you enter the park heading towards your site you pass by a large grassy field with a building opposite it. The large grassy field is used to host rallies and the building opposite the field is for rally use only. At the end of the rally building is a small laundromat, which is coded, and is open 24 hours.

There is a large metal building located near the center of the park that serves as the maintenance building and a storage garage for the owner’s motorhome. The dumpsters for this section are located in the last row of sites near SW Arrowhead Terrace. You might want to make sure you don’t get a site near them as they are frequently overflowing.


Florida is known to be one of the “snowbird” capitals of the country. This campground, like many in the state, is utilized by individuals living in the northern states to be their destination for the colder months. There are many small groups who return to this same park year after year enjoying the warm weather and spending the season with friends.

There are also people working locally in the area who stay at the park. They find it more economical to reside in an RV and RV park than to rent an apartment or purchase a house in the area. Despite this, the RV’s and sites are kept clean and neat. There are also several park model homes just past the park office. These are also kept neat and clean.

Large Open Field

Casey Jones RV Park Review

The second section of Casey Jones RV Park is on the other side of SW Arrowhead Terrace. It is just a large open field with 4 rows of RV sites. The access roads in this area are dirt. The RV sites are also grass/dirt. This section of the park is bordered by a covered storage area and private homes.


  • Large Full Hook-Up Sites
  • Cheap Monthly Rates
  • 2 Laundry Rooms With 24 Hour Access
  • Propane for Sale on Site
  • Inexpensive Bags of Ice
  • Good Verizon Signal
  • Sites Fairly Level


  • No Pool
  • No Dog Park
  • Wifi Is Non-Existent
  • Some Sites Have No Cable
  • No Playground for Kids
  • Monthly Visitors Have To Pay a Separate Fee for Use of the Restrooms/Showers
  • Not All Sites Have Picnic Tables

Contact The Park

Final Thoughts on Casey Jones RV Park

Casey Jones RV Park Site Map

If you are looking for an inexpensive/no frills park in northern Florida, Casey Jones RV Park might be just what you are looking for. It has cheap monthly rates, full hookup pull through sites, and lots of cool things to do in the area. You will find everything from local and state parks to restaurants and retailers and this park sits close to it all.

Despite having no security or not being fenced in, I never felt unsafe at this park. The owners were constantly working mowing and landscaping to keep the property looking neat. The common areas including the restrooms and laundry rooms were always clean and neat. If I were ever in the area, I would definitely stay here again.

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