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KOA Amarillo Texas Campground Review

KOA Amarillo TexasKOA Amarillo Texas

KOA Amarillo Texas Park is located on Folsom Rd., just off Interstate 40, also known as the famed RT 66. As you pull into the KOA parking lot you notice several things.

First off, there is a huge tornado whistle sitting on the edge of the property. My first thought was OMG, what did I do?…lol I later found out that the large very loud siren is tested the last Friday of every month.

The Mariachis

The parking lot in front of the office is divided into 3 rows. If it’s busy, there is a KOA staff member that will guide you into the lanes. The office will be on your right and the front lawn area is on your left.

The front of the office building has a cement walkway with a well manicured grassy area. There are small gardens, a wishing well, and some cool metal art. What stands out the most is the metal art mariachis.The office has a recording of mariachi music that plays outside the building during the day to welcome guests.

Enjoy The Horses

The front lawn on your left side is decorated with more cool metal art and some windmills. There is a wooden fence that separates it from Folsom Rd. If you are standing around this area at sunset you will be treated to some of the coolest sunsets ever.

There is a big open horse field on the other side of Folsom Rd. so if you like horses have your camera ready. They occasionally walk near the fence and you can get some great pictures.

As you walk into the office area you will notice a very large well stocked store. If you are looking for any kind of gift, last minute food item, or some RV supplies they probably have it. When I was there they sold beer and wine from some local wineries.

KOA Amarillo Texas Campground Review

The Big Texan

When you check-in you are informed of this cool limo service to the local tourist trap, I mean steakhouse, called the Big Texan. If you are tired from being on the road all day and want to grab some dinner and a few adult beverages, this is the place to go.

You just select the time slot you want the limo to pick you up and the office will handle everything else. A limo with big horns mounted on the front will pick you up at your site and bring you to the restaurant.

When you are done eating and drinking, there is an area at the restaurant you go to and catch the limo ride back to the campground. Did I mention this transportation was free?!!!

72 Ounce Steak Challenge

A quick note on the Big Texan. Earlier I called it a tourist trap which it is but it’s a fun one that I highly recommend you go to if you have time. I went several times and had a blast each time.

If you are really hungry, you can take their 72 ounce steak challenge. If you finish the steak and some other items in under 1 hour the meal is free!!!

After you check in (and possibly set up your ride to the restaurant), you are escorted to your site. You will make a right around the building to head to your site. On your left side is a long row of tent sites that make up the edge of the park.

These tent sites go to the rear edge of the park. The fence marking the property edge is barbed wire so make sure your tent is well secured. I saw a few of them get lifted into the barbed wire from the wind and get shredded.

Take A Dip In The Pool

On your right side is a row of basic sleeper cabins without bathrooms. They have no running water but do have electric and a/c. At the end of the row of cabins you will find the pool. Beyond the pool is a road dividing the park in half.

The pool is fenced in and clean. Opposite the pool is the satellite bathroom building. KOA does a very good job of maintaining these bathrooms/showers and keeping them clean.If you continue along the tent row towards the back you will pass a small fenced in dog park behind the bathrooms. Beyond that is an overflow tent area. In this back area of the park they have a storage area also.

A Cool Little Horse Corral

The back row of the park is just a grassy area bordering a field and also has a barbed wire fence. About halfway down is a horse corral for those traveling with a horse.

As you near the end of the back row, in the corner you will notice a trucking company and beyond that an airport. Yup, I said an airport. Rick Husband International Airport to be exact. As a matter of fact, the entire perimeter on this side of the park faces this airport.

For an international airport it was very quiet. As a matter of fact I don’t believe there were any overnight flights. During the day was a different story. The military uses this airport for maneuvers called “touch and go’s.”

This is where they train military personnel to land and take off. They do this without stopping and usually a bunch of times. I actually enjoyed watching them.

The Osprey Helicopter

This is also where they assemble the Osprey helicopter. Once it was assembled they would test it out by hovering and flying around the airport. I guess some people would find this annoying. I thoroughly enjoyed it.

This stretch of the campground is made up of half pull throughs and half back in full hookup sites. This campground does not have a lot of 50 amp sites. Most sites at this park are fairly level and have cable. The wifi is not good at all. The cell signal for Verizon and AT&T were decent.

Pay Attention To The Buddy Section

There are two middle sections of RV sites. The front section is all back in full hookup sites. The rear section is all pull through sites. If you are booking your reservation in one of the rear section sites, make sure you don’t wind up in the Buddy section, unless of course that’s what you want.

The buddy section is a section that the RVs pull in opposite. This means your front door will be facing your neighbor’s front door.

At the front left corner of the park is one lone deluxe cabin. This cabin has a queen sized bed, bunk beds, a bathroom with a shower, refrigerator, microwave, air conditioner and a flat screen tv. It has a nice porch with a table and chairs and has a charcoal bbq stand out front.

KOA Amarillo Texas Review

Need Propane?

Behind the office and the row of basic cabins you passed when you first entered are small back in sites. These are water/electric only. No worries they do have a dump station. They also sell propane if you need some.

The front bathrooms are located on the side of the office building. These were recently redone and are kept clean. Behind the main building you will find the laundromat.

Pros of KOA Amarillo Texas

  • Full hookup pull through sites available
  • 30 & 50 amp sites
  • Cabins/Tent sites available
  • Camp Store well stocked
  • 24 Hour laundry
  • Dump station
  • Propane available
  • Fenced K-9 park
  • Free shuttle service to the Big Texan

Cons of KOA Amarillo Texas

  • Wifi spotty
  • No wood campfires allowed/propane only
  • Borders an international airport
  • Train whistles
  • No security gates/overnight security
  • Dirt roads throughout the park

Contacting KOA Amarillo

Final Thoughts

KOA Amarillo Texas Park is what’s considered a journey park in the KOA system. Journey parks are generally located near the interstate and have limited amenities. They are meant for short stays. This park fits that description perfectly.

The one thing that would possibly keep you here a little longer is the proximity to a bunch of cool places you can visit nearby. Things like RT 66 attractions, Palo Duro Canyon, Cadillac Ranch, Slug Bugs, the RV museum and a whole lot more kept me in the area for a while.

The airport could be a problem for some guests but was entertaining for me. This part of Texas is known to be very windy. The summer I was there, the campground  experienced winds in excess of 20 MPH most of the time. These constant winds meant that you would need to be very careful about putting out your RV awning.

One thing I forgot to mention was the train whistle. The owners of the campground advised me that the train whistle would be loud only if the wind blew in a certain direction.

I did not believe that until I was there for awhile. It turned out to be true. Sometimes you would barely hear the whistle but other times it felt as if the train was coming through your campsite.

All in all, I enjoyed my stay at KOA Amarillo Texas and visiting the many things to do in the area. I would definitely stay at this campground again but only in the warmer months. This park is open year round.

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