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Wildwood State Park Campground Review

Wildwood State Park

Wildwood State Park is located in Wading River, New York, tucked away on the scenic north shore of Long Island. The park is divided into 4 sections. It has a day use area packed with picnic tables and BBQ’s, a beach with a fishing area, a tent site section that includes 10 cottages, and an RV section.

As you enter the park you will pass a guard booth. Just let them know you are camping and they will send you on your way. You’ll pass an open field (usually filled with deer in the early morning hours), a small basketball court, and an overflow parking area designated for anyone visiting someone camping and 2nd vehicles of campers. There is only one vehicle allowed at each site.

Use Reserve America For Reservations

After passing the parking area you will make a right turn and head for the campground office. There is a section you can pull over and park while you are checking in. Reservations to Wildwood State Park can be made on Reserve America up to 9 months ahead of time and are recommended as this park fills quickly, especially on weekends.

When you check in you will be given a site map and a tag for your vehicle. If you have more than one vehicle you will get additional tags (in a different color) for the overflow lot. There are additional fees for these tags.

No Escorts

There are no escorts to sites but if you are heading to the RV section you’re in luck. It is well laid out and marked with signage. If you are staying in the tent section it’s a little more confusing but nothing terrible.

The RV section is broken down into 3 separate areas. They are the “North Overlook”, the “South Overlook”,  and the “Main Section.” After checking in at the office you will drive past the check-in building and make a right. The “North Overlook” is the section behind the office and ranger station building. The “Main Section” is the area on your left side, and the “South Overlook” is on the far side of the main area.

The North Overlook

The “North Overlook” section is made up of two rows of sites. All are full hook-up pull-through sites. This section is the most wooded section of the three and also has the most deer strolling through. This area backs up to a large grassy area where each year the park hosts a fall festival. The sites in this section as well as the rest of the park are very unlevel so bring extra leveling blocks.

The Main Section

If you are in the “Main Section” you will find it fairly open with some scattered trees. It is laid out like a big square with approximately 7 rows. All rows are one way roads and marked clearly. The building at the top end of this section houses the restrooms and showers and also has a couple of vending machines. The restroom and showers are kept clean.

I found this section to be the most popular with campers who have children. The rows tend to slope downward so when it rains the water travels downhill towards the southern side. As with the “North Overlook” section these sites are all full hook-up, pull-through sites. They are all 30 amp, decent sized, and unlevel.

The South Overlook

To get to the final RV section you need to drive around the main area and head towards the back. Once in the back corner, you make a slight right and head up a small hill. At the top of this hill you go to your left. This will get you to the 3 rows of sites in this section.

As with the other two sections all the sites in this area are full hook-up and pull-through sites. They are all 30 amp, decent sized, and unlevel. This was my favorite section. It was very quiet and overlooked the other two RV sections.

The Tent Section

If you are going to “rough it” and set up a tent, instead of making a right to head around the building after checking in, you would go straight. The tent section is comprised of 5 large “looped” areas with a bathhouse located in the middle.

This area gets quiet busy and some tenters have complained about other tenters around them being too loud. Some of the sites have a wood platform and some are just dirt. As with the rest of this park none are all that level. There is no water or electric at these sites but there are water spigots located throughout the entire tent section.

No Fire Rings

All sites at Wildwood State Park whether RV or tent have a picnic table. Although campfires are allowed there are no fire rings provided by the park. I used an inexpensive one that I picked up from Amazon and it worked great. You can purchase firewood from the camp store which is located in the tent section. There are also local stores and farms that you can pick up firewood from in the area.

During the summer season they have an activity every Saturday night. Sometimes it’s a movie and sometimes square dancing. There are ballfields you can walk to and a small area with basketball courts.

Ah, The Beach

The big draw to Wildwood State Park is the beach and it is quite a long walk from the camping area. To access this area there is a paved walkway which is quite steep. It is nice and easy getting down to the water, not so much coming up…lol. If you decide to head down to the water, you’ll find a building with a concession stand, a deck with benches and restrooms. The concession stand is only open during the summer season.

It’s from here you can access the beach for swimming and fishing. The body of water you are overlooking is the Long Island Sound. Looking directly across the water is Connecticut. There are also some magnificent sunrises and sunsets that you can catch from here if you don’t mind the walk back up. If you need a break or to rest on the way up, there are benches along the way.

600 Acres

Since this park is made up of 600 acres it would only stand to reason that there would be some good hiking trails. Some of these trails will lead you to the top of the bluffs rewarding you with spectacular views of the Long Island Sound. You can just about pick up any trail and wind up in any section of the park.

There are a few unpopular rules at this park that I should mention. The most unpopular rule is that there are no pets allowed at this park. There is also a two week limit to camp here. After two weeks you must leave the park for a week before returning.

Pros of Wildwood State Park

  • All RV sites are pull-through
  • All RV sites are full hook-up
  • Beautiful surroundings
  • Nice hiking trails
  • Beautiful beach for swimming or fishing
  • Concession serving food/beverages during the summer season
  • Camp store
  • Located near wineries and farm stands

Cons of Wildwood State Park

  • Stays limited to 2 weeks
  • No 50 amp RV sites
  • No pets allowed
  • Long walk to the beach with a steep return incline
  • Extra fee for additional vehicles
  • All sites are unlevel
  • Hard to get reservations in the summer months. Reservations need to be made months ahead of time

Final Thoughts on Wildwood State Park

Since leaving Long Island to RV full-time, the park has added 10 cottages that are available for rent. These cottages are one and two bedroom.

Before I became a full-time RVer and moved off Long Island for good, this was one of my “go-to” parks. I loved the fact that all sites were full hook-up, pull through sites and it was set in the woods. It was quiet and had some great hiking.

It’s a great park whether you just want to relax or do some hiking or fishing. Also, since this park is located on the north shore, you are in close proximity to all the wineries and local farm stands that make this area of Long Island so popular.

Would I ever come back to this park if I was ever on Long Island again? You betcha!!! Whenever I come back to Long Island to visit, this is the park I stay at. Just remember to make a reservation ahead of time.

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